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Inflatable Velociraptor
Inflatable Velociraptor

Inflatable Velociraptor

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The Velociraptor, aka Raptor, is one of the most aggressive and infamous of all the dinosaurs. This inflatable version, despite being full of air is still pretty scary.

This prehistorical dinosaur will make great decoration and fun to play with, and truly the missing piece for your dinosaur collection!


This raptor is a close 1:1 scale to the actual size based on the fossils found. The Velociraptor was made popular in early 90's when first Jurassic Park movie enlarged its size and appeared scary.

This Inflatable dinosaur is made to actual size with colourful 4 colour process printing plus outstanding design making the shape of the dinosaur realistic and still able to stand with 2 legs.


51" from head to foot (129cm)


The biggest of all our inflatables this thirteen foot in length Velociraptor is huge. In fact it's so big we can safely say it won't fit in your house. We therefore advise you to inflate it in the garden.

Due to the size of the Inflatable Velociraptor it comes with tie down string so you can stop if from blowing away in strong winds. A dinosaur of this size being blown down the street will not only break stuff but also scare the living daylights out of anyone that sees it, you have been warned. 


 13ft (head to feet) - 396cm