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Wearable adults bumper football

Bumper Balls

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If you want to add something slightly different to your game of footie or whatever you might want to play then the Bumper Balls are here. Just roll around the garden or get your friends together for a game of bumps it's up to you. We do guarantee one thing though... you won't be able to stop laughing.

Bumper Balls also known as Bubble Soccer in the USA where it was invented are inflatable balls, or a sort of inflatable bubble or forcefield that you wear. This allows you to bounce off each other.

Within each Bumper Ball there is a shoulder harness which allows the 'bubble' to sit on your shoulders whilst you run around.

Bumper Balls are made from a strong durable PVC which will prevent them from bursting. We however must stress that using them outside any foreign objects might pierce them. We supply a repair kit for such eventualities.

åÊPlease be aware that 'bumping' into each other or other objects can result in injury. We take no responsibility for injuries as a result of you using them!

Bumper Balls are 54" in size - this is a reasonable adult sized ball