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Giant Inflatable Triceratops dinosaur
Inflatable Triceratops

Inflatable Triceratops

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The Triceratops is probably the most popular of our inflatable dinosaurs. Big and menacing the Inflatable Triceratops looks fantastic and guaranteed to create a talking point that most won't forget.

This Inflatable Dinosaur might be spikey but it will hopefully stay inflated to entertain the dinosaur enthusiasts amongst us. Made from high quality vinyl the Inflatable Triceratops is strong and highly detailed. Also known as the Torosaurus.

We might supply the dinosaur but sorry you have to supply the air.


Perfect for kids parties.


43" long (from horns to tail (109cm)


She's so big you might have to get a bigger house


10ft long (from horns to tail) - 4.5ft wide x 5ft tall

300cm x 150cm x 130cm

Inflate carefully with a lilo or mattress pump. Be careful not to over-inflate.