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The Perfect Christmas Present

Summer is over and we’re on the run down to Christmas. If you’re looking for a Christmas present or just a decoration to add to your fairy lights and Christmas tree, then Inflates UK has just the thing for you. Why not buy our Inflatable Deer? It’s sure to bring the Christmas feel into your home – what’s more Christmassy than having a Deer from Santa’s sleigh in your garden?

An Inflatable Deer from Inflates UK is much more convenient than a trip to the Arctic. Why freeze your fingers off in Lapland when you can curl up in your home with a hot mug of tea and an Inflatable deer by your side? Even better, this Deer doesn’t need feeding or walking so it can just sit and look cute next to your tree. We’re not quite Santa so we won’t deliver your Inflatable Deer down your chimney, but we will deliver it straight to your door!